रविवार, 25 जुलाई 2010

Untouchability school

Last days of Uttar Pradesh Dalit cooks handmade food in schools by children of the village are testimony to the events to be boycotting the untouchability of the body which we thought was buried in the cemetery today with his shroud Bderang Then before us. These children are reflections of our municipal primary thinking. This shows that those problems are still alive which we are thinking that we have recovered them.
      Here is a point to think that the mental level of a kid studying in a primary school is not able to feel difference among the people on the basis of the cast.
This must be inherited  in them by their parents. This is very shameful that we are transferring this poison to our next generation. The students are refusing to take food made by dalit womens , then what is the meaning of their education? When they grow up,what type of society they will transform? As expected when these kids grow up , they will help to reduce this ethnic divide but all the expectations were wrong. The society with no ethnic issues is not possible till we stop filling the minds of our kids with these meaningless and aimless thinking.

      The third battle of Panipat Marathas and Ahmad Shah Abdali's forces before the face to face was parked. Abdali's army was very high number of Marathas, but does inspect the battlefield during the evening's Abdali camp that sees hundreds of other forces in the space - space camp fire burning. Abdali is surprised to know that matter? Fellow warlord out that many Hindu soldiers are Jatia this one - do not touch each other's hand.All different - different cook. Encouraged by the Abdali said - the Army is too easy to lose. And Marathe and lose badly. This division of our great - great armies Muhammad Ghori, Ghazni, Babar, Abdali in front of the small forces are losing cause.
         How is it possible that society disintegrates and the country are left?
Is there anyone to take initiatives on this issue?Youth are the country's last hope. But there is a problem with youth. Youth fears to take initiatives and feel safe to follow anyone. It's a very bad thing. If we want to remove the curse of jatiyata from our society then who will come forward?   
        The answer is "no one other than us ". Then why not I? why not you?  Why wait for any new mahatma Gandhi ? 
        Let's start at our level !

                                                                                                 thank you in advance

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