रविवार, 30 मई 2010

In search of myself (27-dec-2009)

who am i?
what i want to be?
where i want to reach?
what the life want to me teach?

what a person can do,
if he is not keeping his words properly.
he will live in a world,
not of actions, totally made verbally.

why a person is being fond of day-dreaming,
if he is able to make his dreams true.
do each and every thing today
do not leave them as tomorrow's due.

what can i feel
i am being feelingless
what can i think
i am being absent minded.

what can i do
i am actionless
what can i speak
i am speechless.

Who am i?
what i want to be?
this is the question of every youngester
that how to make their lives lovely?

This is a continuous process of searching,
and i am in search of myself.

hungry for love (my first poem)

we are the youth
we are hungry for love
these are the feelings of heart
from which we involve.

in our innocent heart
there are gardens of love
the happiest place in which we enjoy
are nothing but these grove.

it dosen't mean that
we are boy or girl
it is the same stick of feelings
by which we are drove.

we can not say,what is love
it is our worship,it is our job
in short, we live our life
to give the love, to take the love

we are the youth
we are hungry for love