रविवार, 30 मई 2010

In search of myself (27-dec-2009)

who am i?
what i want to be?
where i want to reach?
what the life want to me teach?

what a person can do,
if he is not keeping his words properly.
he will live in a world,
not of actions, totally made verbally.

why a person is being fond of day-dreaming,
if he is able to make his dreams true.
do each and every thing today
do not leave them as tomorrow's due.

what can i feel
i am being feelingless
what can i think
i am being absent minded.

what can i do
i am actionless
what can i speak
i am speechless.

Who am i?
what i want to be?
this is the question of every youngester
that how to make their lives lovely?

This is a continuous process of searching,
and i am in search of myself.

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