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Effect of presence and / or absence of a Father

Once I have been asked a question about the effect of presence and / or absence of a father on a child. I am sharing here question and answer both. 

Question :How does presence or absence of a father affect the psychological growth and thought development of a boy in his teenage years?

My Answer:
Having a father is like having someone who can do everything what you can't (As it feels in the teen age). Someone who run the family, earns money, deal with internal and external affairs along with the sweetest and most precious lady in the world, called 'Mother'.

Here goes the benefits of having a father:
  1. Financial Security: In general, families depends on the earning male member for their livelihood. So as a child one need not to even think that from where the money is coming and where it is going. He has to just enjoy.
  2. Learning Social Norms: Without a father, a guy will probably not get more attention towards how men communicate to each other because in outer world he can only see the formal conversations most of the times. At home he can watch and learn the most emotional conversations too and also the right gestures and postures while having communication.
  3. A Friend / Guide: Father is generally second closest friend of their child (First one is mother). He is the person of contact for serious affairs and while in need of any suggestion involved in some kind of decision making.
  4. Motivator: For any success or failure, father is there to encourage and praise. He teaches you how to handle success and failures in a positive and constructive way.
  5. Role Model: For any teen age, his/her father is the most intelligent and attractive person in the world. The stories of his struggle, success, adventures, love, romance, career etc thrills and excites guys. The guy wants to become like his father in the future. It may or may not change in future.
  6. Teacher: The best teachers for anyone is his / her parents. Father teaches them to be responsible, ethical and thick skinned.
Effects of absence of father -
  1. Decision Making: In the absence of father one tend to take his own decisions more frequently and also the responsibility of their goods and bad.
  2. Uncontrolled : Without father's proper guidance one may become uncontrollable if he / she is not having good self control. And self control is something which is missing in teen age.
  3. Responsibility: If the father is absent, the guy considers himself as the second authority after mother and tries to become as responsible as he can be. He looks towards other people as what they do as their duties to family and tries to imitate these tasks in order to assure that he is a good son and responsible enough to take care of the family.

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