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Times of India vs. Hindustan Times

When Indians get out of the bed, the first thing they want to do is find out what’s happeningaround the world. Hindustan Times and the Times of India have been huge contributors in fulfilling this need for throngs of people. Both of these newspapers are published in English. Hindustan Times has its roots from the time of the Indian independence movement. Times of India (TOI) has been able to attain the position of covering most of the world in terms of its distribution. The Sahu Jain family, the owner of the Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd, manages and the owns the TOI.


In 1924, Hindustan Times was originated by its founder father, Master Sunder Singh Lyallpuri of the Alkali Movement, but at a later date was transferred to S. Chanchal Singh and Tesildar.
The originating year of Times of India was 1838 when it was initially known as the Bombay Times and the Journal of Commerce. In the early stages, distribution was established as biweekly. The newspapers distribution area is huge starting from as far away as Europe to the Indian subcontinent. Originally it was owned by the British and post Indian independence was passed on to the Dalmiyas, an industrial Indian family.


The edition of Times of India has been made possible so that it can reach the doorstep of patrons living in any city with distributors. Its distribution covers cities like Bangalore, Goa, Guwahati, Lucknow, Kolkata, Indore, Kanpur, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Chennai and many more.
The editions of the Hindustan Times are mostly covered by the HT Mumbai Edition and the HT Delhi Edition. The editions have their own supplements like the HT Mumbai edition carries the HT Café and the HT Delhi carries the HT City.


Since Times of India has been successful in delivering most of the news instantly with a particular format like sections divided into particular sub headings as well the easily familiar English language that makes it a readable for most people, it has gained massive popularity. It has set its own trend among youngsters with the supplement Delhi Times.
Hindustan Times has been able to satisfy people’s interest as it has a format that many people are fond of and or are accustomed to. The HT city supplement has achieved success via its presentation in an extraordinary format.


Newspapers have been part of many Indians’ daily lives and hence;
  • Times of India has gained a lot of market share amongst youngsters.
  • Hindustan Times has evolved to the tastes of Indians since it has been out of the hands of the British Community.
  • Supplements have set their own trends.
  • HT city and Delhi Times have been successful in satisfying the masses.

India or Bharat

There are two excellent characteristics of BHARAT which is having 2000 years old cultural , spiritual values and heritage & its millions of simple living farmers & labourers who only knows the dignity of their labour , Even though they have been liviing in poverty, starvation, sickness and illeteracy. Still they love this country, its soil, rivers, forest and never jealous of others prosperity. Our Soldiers in front are the son of farmers of Bharat.

There are also two excellent things INDIA bears , its wonderful constitution, Judiciary system & Talented scientist.

People of BHARAT speaks in their mother language, follows traditional system and culture but always afraid of English speaking Indian becouse they are still under colonial phobia of English .India is a subcontinent mixed with different ethenic groups and diversities .Some Indian worship cows some other butcher cow, Some Indian celebrate birth day of their children by cutting cake and sending their kids to monesories where they are tought all English ryms which have no bearing with Bharat Others Bharat basis don't even know their own birth date and not at all interested to celebrate birthday of their children because everyday is very hard day for them.

One Chinees or Russian or Japnees leaders never speaks in English. But Indian leaders feels proud to speak in English in any International forum.

So long BHARAT remain BHARAT and India Prosper, There will be difference exist betweenBHARAT & India. BHARAT is 2000 Years old Country is now sick and BHARAT MATA is still poor and India with long multistory buildings in some metro city with some Corporate Houses, and 5 star hotels with pop/Disco culture sponsored by HINDI CINEMA will never shine untill BHARAT starts shinning

aaina (some more)

आइना रुसवा करने को, वो कीचड उछाल बैठे |
आइना गन्दा कर डाला, अपनी तस्वीर गवां बैठे |

आइना देख कर इन्सान सुधर सकता है,
अगर समझदार है फिर तो समझ जायेगा।
ज़िन्दगी भर जलेगा दुनिया के उलझन में वो,
बाद में हाथ मलेगा और बैठ के पछताएगा ।

आइना हूँ मैं मेरे सामने आकर देखो
खुद नज़र आओगे जो आँख मिला कर देखो
यु तो आसान नज़र आता है मंजिल का सफ़र
कितना मुश्किल है मेरी राह से जाकर देखो


आईना  बोला – गुनाहगार! देख अंदर अपने !
मैं ये बोला के, तू न झांक तू जल जायेगा .
मेरे अंदर हैं शरारे मगर मैं जिंदा हूँ
तेरे ऊपर ये गिरे तो, तू पिघल जायेगा
मैं गुनाहगार हूँ हर शख्स का इस दुनिया में
खुदा भी देखेगा मुझको तो सहम जायेगा
फराख आईने इतना भी तू न हो हैरां
एक दिन तू ही मेरी दास्ताँ दोहराएगा
मेरे गुनाहों की संजीदगी तू समझेगा
जब कोई मेहरबान पत्थर तुझे दिखायेगा
कैसे होती है फ़ना जिंदगी पल भर में ए दोस्त
कैसी होती है तड़प सूखते अहसासों की
कैसी होती है सजा वफ़ा के गुनाहों की
चढेगा वफ़ा की सूली तो समझ जायेगा.